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Okay, so today the dinner topic for chewing is, Optimism. Is the glass half-full or half empty? For me, that depends on what's actually in the glass -- maybe that context makes a glass half empty not so bad after all. For example, one half empty glass of wine usually has me smiling, or on the road to smiling.

But no matter how you spin a perspective, I do think optimism is a very good quality to foster in yourself and in your thought processes because it rides shot-gun with hope, and being more hopeful than doubtful is not only virtuous but it yield better results, according to most research I've read. So, on that note, the graphic above a great little reminder that always makes me smile.

So if you're stuck, if you have a pesky perspective that's really upsetting you, try spinning it; try to re-think your approach and maybe like that glass of wine, it's not all that bad from a new angle.


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