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Photo book #2

My collection of potential coffee table images from my personal archives, xx!  Title: Shoes make the world go around This image is a webcam shot, I think it was a 2 mega pixel situation. Anyway, we were given a lunch stipend and I used it on new shoes instead of food. It was 4-million degrees outside, it felt like hot blow-dryer wind, so I stayed in my hotel room with my new vibrant blue eye-shadow and new golden shoes, I entertained myself.   (Abu Dhabi, UAE)

Title: Call of Couture During our stay at the lovely Ritz Carleton in I took this picture of my friend through a hotel curtain,  I like that it made the picture look both hazy and sultry. The original 'filter' (Wolfsburg, Germany)
Title: Relativity For this picture I wanted it to seem as if I were floating on top of the water, to see only my hair weightless in the water; however, my father, the photographer didn't seem to understand my direction ... nonetheless, I still love the outcome. (Scottsdale, Arizona)           …

IN Route

No posting today... TRAVEL DAY, Las Vegas, here we come :)

This was posted February 7, 2013. I packed up my new car (a one Pontiac Solstice) and embarked on a solo car trip from Michigan to sunny Las Vegas, Nevada.


Coming soon, the story of that 3 day journey to start over. ( written 12/10/2015)


Okay, so today the dinner topic for chewing is, Optimism. Is the glass half-full or half empty? For me, that depends on what's actually in the glass -- maybe that context makes a glass half empty not so bad after all. For example, one half empty glass of wine usually has me smiling, or on the road to smiling.
But no matter how you spin a perspective, I do think optimism is a very good quality to foster in yourself and in your thought processes because it rides shot-gun with hope, and being more hopeful than doubtful is not only virtuous but it yield better results, according to most research I've read. So, on that note, the graphic above a great little reminder that always makes me smile.

So if you're stuck, if you have a pesky perspective that's really upsetting you, try spinning it; try to re-think your approach and maybe like that glass of wine, it's not all that bad from a new angle. xx

Budget photo-shoot

I wanted to share a recent photo-shoot I did for my beautiful friend Fatima. Less was truly more; we just took a point-and-shoot camera, some clothing and props and walked around our hotel. Pachuca, Mexico had some beautiful background to offer us. Creativity can be as simple as just noticing things, playing off them, and then exploring the instant ideas that might pop into your mind.

**We used Google Picasa for editing! Special thanks to Katie Elizabeth Stainsby

ENJOY the final product! Click the hyperlink below to see the photos :)

Fatima (Fallen Angel) Photoshoot

Save $$$ on greeting cards, make your own!

I like to make homemade Thank-you post cards for my friends, it allows me to be creative, expressive and to give something altogether original as a gift. This is quick mini-tutorial for how to create one for yourself.

1. Start with a picture, like this one below that I took of a strawberry
2. Crop it up and make sure the background is clear of any noise
3. Then use an online photo editor and add the HDR feature (giving more shadows and texture)
4. Next use the same program to add eyes and a mustache. (I made my lop-sided for character)
5. Finally, write what you want to express in the thank-you note and use some different fonts...

                                           & Voila!! 
6.Save the finished product and send it.

Photo book #1

Photos for a coffee table book (wink!!) I think a photo can talk, here are some of my faves, enjoy! In Northern Israel I bought a can of Coca Cola.  Must be nice to have earned ICON status.  Title: Branded and Beautiful This picture was taken in France, in a pair of ratty, old cowboy boots I stood in my window frame at noon, I wasn't expecting to get this image, I loved it. To me this picture reminds me of a time in life; an entire segment of spontaneous exploration I had youth and imagination on my side.                                                                                                                                    Title: Spot Lit
Some friends and I took this shot in Cozumel Mexico, with it came a few inside jokes and an epiphany, too much sun ages even Barbie                                                                                                          Title: Timeless Beauty
I love this picture, it's a metaphor worth a thousand words... because w…

A tribute

One year ago my dear friend, Miss Angie Vandermissen wasn't walking, let alone, skating but, after one year of hard work and sharp aim, she dazzled an entire stadium plus one. What spunk, and light, and joy she shared last night! I am beyond proud of the "come-back" and passion in her heart and the grace in her process. Congratulations friend, you know how to rebuild something. You are more humble and complete than ever before! I love you!!!!!!