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ON: Taking a Self-Portrait #Selfiewar

social experiment...

#selfiewar faceboook album

To enter:
1. Must be a selfie or "themselfie"
2. Must be creative or follow guidelines below
3. Must have the words #selfiewar placed over the photo

Let the games begin ... let us call them #Selfiewar® ... tag or mention me if you want to play, if the photo is accepted it will be added to an open album on social media (rules and regulation upon request). Here the links to my Twitter & Instagram ... Sharing is caring!

Background, in the past 15 minutes, I  have snapped the 6 'selfies' included below ... I hope these shots inspire you to capture a version of yourself because you will never again look the precise way you do right now and you will never again be the exact age are right this very minute.

I believe that we all have a story to tell and as a consumer of countless self-shot-pictures across social platforms, I'm much more interested in that story as opposed to a mira…

"LIVING" in the moment... Part I

I arrived in Manchester England in early June. I was the last person in the visiting passport line--always the longer of the two; the people returning home breeze back through to normalcy.

After mounting the zig-zag patterned shuffle for the next 45-minutes, I made it to the front.  But sadly the officials held me in security for another 2 hours.  As luck would have it, I was in holding with a disgruntal guy in camouflage fatigues, my personal nightmare -- this guy and me representing the United States. He was yelling about discrimination and his wooden leg; his bitter dialogue matched his bitter smell and I kept asking him to calm down; I truly felt he was affecting my chances of entering the UK. I felt pathetic, oily and exhausted... I kept reassuring myself that time had to pass, for sure this was no exception.

I passed the test, and was reunited with my luggage. Delirious on 19 hours and 45 minutes of extra awakeness,  I combed the line of chauffeurs with named signs to find my d…

HIATUS -- please accept my apology

One thing I wanted to do in the year 2013 was to start a blog. I went to school for journalism yet pursued work as a theatrical performer and despite my life path and/or possible detours, one of my truths is that I absolutely love to write. I am a storyteller; thinking back, it is the first thing in my life that I was sure of. Communication and matters of human interaction inspire me and allow me to thrive. I am deep, thoughtful, and curious. I aspire to write, communicate, analyze, advise, and understand. I want to understand both my place in the world and my calling.

The people around me and the world I live in are all gifts that I get to experience and I want to drink that up. It is frowned upon to be emotional or erratic. Yet it is acceptable to be beige and show control.  I am emotional, I am involved. The gift of expression is a lonely gift, but one I must explore. Like a brilliant mathematic mind should not avoid such a gift, nor will I avoid my mind.  With that said, another t…