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Falling in LOVE

Dear You,

I woke up, wiped my puffy eyes and I saw you fixing your tie in the mirror. This feeling of pure devotion came over me; I began to cry. You came over and said, “don’t be silly, it’s alright” … I think you assumed my tears were because I was leaving, in less than 24-hours, I would be on my way across an ocean and the 'long-distance' part of most love stories gets a very bad reputation.

As tears delicately dropped from my chin, my mind was racing, but I was more than alright, I was feeling secure and empowered by our love story. This exact moment was one I had ached to know and suddenly it had materialized in front of me. I was wholly overwhelmed; I was massively in love, but also it was the safety and sureness that made me cry.

Loving when you’re ready to love is so inspired. because that love creeps into every breath and every cell that you are. That kind of love makes you feel like a super hero in conquer mode.  And today I sat inside that truth. I gave in, recognize…