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Cinco de Mayo -- authentico -- this May

Very happy to announce that I am going back to Mexico. and I will be primed to enjoy some un-imported #tacate beer at the delicious price that Mexicans pay. Yes-- for sure --Yes, I am rubbing it in; to be clear, that is less any up-marking or imported beer fees, and that, mi Amigos, is good news. Tasty beer, domestic pricing, context is everything.

Moving on, for this leg of my 5-part-to-be-continuted-Mexican-tour, I will be spending 6-weeks in Puebla, Mexico located southeast of Mexico City. (see map below)

I am fully excited to explore a new place on this planet I have not seen. I will use what time I have away from work to check out the city and of course I'll do some research with local people I meet; I will also write a new post from my south-of-the-border hotel room so I can share some of my favorite sights, sounds and flavors of this historical city known  to most of us for the Battle of Puebla and which consequently has given birth to the American affinity known as the annu…

50's Glam Downtown Las Vegas (a secret mission)

The Plaza Hotel Las Vegas A secret mission
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