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South of the border

(April 3, 2013) I made it to Mexico, am safe, am thrilled; continued coverage coming soon!

(April 25, 2013) I have been enjoying Mexico now for 25-days, but unfortunately the illusive 'Montazuma' and coupled revenge found me and thus I found my bed, so that was a setback on the everything front. I also hope that for some of my trip I can ditch the bread and rice diet.

... (after this no more excuses) it has been a bit of a struggle finding internet with some strength and with an uninterrupted connection, but I am sticking to my promise of publishing a post about Puebla.

Please know, that I choose to see the glamour around me; I choose to wonder fantastically. I've
always wanted to be a storyteller and this once unidentifiable urge has driven me to pursue an education in journalism and a career as a theatrical performer, but moreover, I want to be exposed to new things and places without judgment or categories or comparison but instead with awe and a na├»ve imagination. I l…