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HIATUS -- please accept my apology

One thing I wanted to do in the year 2013 was to start a blog. I went to school for journalism yet pursued work as a theatrical performer and despite my life path and/or possible detours, one of my truths is that I absolutely love to write. I am a storyteller; thinking back, it is the first thing in my life that I was sure of. Communication and matters of human interaction inspire me and allow me to thrive. I am deep, thoughtful, and curious. I aspire to write, communicate, analyze, advise, and understand. I want to understand both my place in the world and my calling.

The people around me and the world I live in are all gifts that I get to experience and I want to drink that up. It is frowned upon to be emotional or erratic. Yet it is acceptable to be beige and show control.  I am emotional, I am involved. The gift of expression is a lonely gift, but one I must explore. Like a brilliant mathematic mind should not avoid such a gift, nor will I avoid my mind. 
With that said, another thing I wanted to do this year was to live in the moment, and to do it while being aware of that fact. I needed to appreciate how to really be entangled in something that was a.) going to end, and b.)  could teach me how to better cultivate the skill of navigating my raw feelings of good and bad all the while still loving the ride. There is a balance in reality. Like a rainbow needs specific conditions, so too does authenticity. I came to England and needed to be in love with my life as it were, not for future goals or awards ... not for the peaks - but in the day-by-day. 
And this is why I didn't blog, why I was on a writing "hiatus". Zero excuses, obligations or commitments unrelated to survival or my real responsibilities; yes I had to go to work, yes I had to pay my bills, but  my blog could wait. And it did! The newest entries are hindsight. I chose to procrastinate in order to get it right. I hope my story will help someone, somewhere. I accomplished my goal of living in the moment and every bad ugly un pleasant moment didn't have to tarnish the "enjoying the journey" part. I highly recommend living in the moment.
For 13 weeks in the summer of 2013, I lived in a seaside town on the west coast of the UK and I lived in the moment. I will write about it; in the next few posts I will tell a story and hopefully express why everyone should force themselves to feel the reality of their lives. No going through the motions, auto pilot, or other appropriate clichés. Just taking in the good bad and simple pleasures while existing in the day-by-day.  

"Authenticity is the sum of truths."

Be well.
Be present.
Be you.
Be careful.
Be thoughtful.
Be authentic.
Be happy.
Be sad.
Be 'ok' with it. 


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