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My advice to younger me

A tribute to my friend

I write letters, I think they are the most unique and unrepeatable gift you can give to another person. It takes time and creative verve to articulate feelings into words. It’s pure devotion.

You should know that you are beautiful, you have an innocent and hopeful soul, and you are my kind of people. Each time we re-connect, I am amazed at how inspired I feel; you renew my faith in people, in hope, and in living an authentic life. You allow me to see and remember the value of disclosing our flaws, owning our mistakes, and the merit in celebrating who we want to become. We have one chance at human life and that mystery is gorgeous. 
I celebrate you and the speed with which you choose to learn and grow, take your time, Liz; it’s so worth it. Live to the point of tears and live beyond your anxiety, transcend your fear and allow evolution. Learn to manage all the harsh, complicated bits of life with grace and choose only the battles most worth it. I learned that self-…

My big sister

Dearest Auts,
You were my example, I’ve watched you pass through the phases that make up the maturation stages of a young life ... and by that observation, I have learned so much.

Having a sister is pretty darn cool. You taught me how to outsmart and outwit  both situations and people. You also taught me when it was necessary and wasn’t ... because sometimes, you said, "you have to know when to wash your hands and walk away." You taught me how to make mistakes and how to convince everyone else that it had happened gracefully.You taught me how to dance like both a teenager and our mom, you taught me how to do terrible, unidentifiable impressions of people on TV and you taught how to emulate style –even if it was Kurt Cobain’s…

You taught me how to extract the calm reaction out of dad and how to glide past mistakes while only freaking out in private. You taught me all kinds of things, you showed me a blueprint…a starting point and I’m so grateful, because without you ahead of m…

Sport as ART by: Neil Shearer Photography

Sport as Art is a project from sports and active lifestyle photographer,Neil Shearer. It is an exquisite collection of black and white images showing sports men and women from two different perspectives. 

The first is an intimate portrait of the athlete with the aim of capturing the emotion of their chosen sport, whether that be fear, determination, joy or something else entirely.

The second captures them frozen in motion ... the moment, highlighting the unique skill and strength required to perform their sport. These images aim to give the impression of motion, leaving the viewer to admire the extraordinary ability of these athletes. 

I was lucky enough to be involved with this project when I met Neil through a similar interests network. We planned at time to meet up at my performance venue to capture the moving images.  With the help of my performance director and also by kind permission of Stageworks Worldwide Productions, we were able to get these 4 stunning shotsl, I've include…