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Goodbye to the circus xx

Sometimes the story has no ending... sometimes the story is part of everything you are forever and one day. There is no manual for running away from the circus. What a journey! I have chosen to explore a fascinating and wonderful world on an unconventional path. What a marvelous place to be when I was learning life’s many lessons.

How do you look at everything you’ve created and say goodbye; how do you do it if one of those things is the fiber of you.I’ve spent most of my life knotted and tangled in love with a version of who I could be. I have built and lost and rebuilt an identity; I don’t know how I will ever be this happy. I wonder what will make me this happy.

What else will govern me? What will make me feel strong, feel determined, feel beautiful? What will make me feel so alive?Every time I try to articulate this, I can’t. It’s too big and thick and far too real to summarize. I’ll have to walk away from this chapter and I’ll have to convince myself its what I want.

Because of …