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On: Speaking The Truth

And so it is… ambivalently I prepare for another goodbye; ambivalence only because I need to honor that which I am leaving wait…
The romance or magic of my life has to be where I am, not where I was …not where I may soon be; this keeps me grounded and grateful. Yes, I have illusions of my potential and my travels excite me. I have a bleeding heart that wants to give energy, joy, and most of all LOVE. But patience is a virtue, I must feel the emotions of the now, they guide and edify me.
I am blessed, I get to be an artist, my life is pure and I have control now of my own madness, my deep, bottomless emotions. I channel them for my craft, for creativity and for growth.I give my heart on the stage, and will—I fear—until I know someone, somewhere who will let me pour over them all that I am and accept that canon. I am not a burden and I am not a distraction.Connect with me and the seams dissolve. I am an independent emergent with an edgy soul and wild imagination. I am a builder and a nat…