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On: the 5%

If you read anything in 2017, let it be the blog post, The Tail End by: Tim Urban. (I’ll include the link at the bottom.) If afterwards you don’t feel sentimental (or all-out sob hysterically -- like I did) ... well then, consider yourself an anomaly. 

Furthermore, the most remarkable thing I have watched in the name of entertainment or education so far in 2017 is this TED talk, Do Schools Kill Creativity by: Sir Ken Robinson (link also at bottom). Because of my own chosen career path, I have many friends who work in the performing arts and if any of you are reading this post (which I have shared on Facebook and Instagram)… please know that the assessments supported in both of these works will make your heart sing and your optimism float! They are both so valuable and confirming in a world that moves faster than ever before. READ THE BLOG, WATCH THE LINK, you’ll thank me later.
“ I can’t tell you how wonderful it was, we walked in this room and it was full of people like me, people who…