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On: Bipolar disorder

My gorgeous Mikey:
Your life is extraordinary whether it feels like that or not.I promise. You are so much better than any of the horrible things you’ll have to suffer in a lifetime. The world may define you by adversity or triumph, but don't define yourself by those things.

I can’t imagine what your fantastic brain is doing now. The things that other people's brains can disguise or hide ...  burry or break, well ours they can make a symphony of that stuff; a painful, wicked, e x h a u s t i n g symphony. I know you're tired; I’m sorry you’re stuck with such a lonely gift. We just can’t help but to process and process our ideas until there are so many sub-thoughts the rest of the world has moved on. We toil and think and imagine until every cut is bleeding daylight.Maybe right now this ability doesn’t seem so much like a gift, maybe it seems like a burden; but you can make grace of a mess and it will serve you. It will. You have a wild, empathetic mind attached to the softest …