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On: President Donald Trump

Disclaimer: I didn't vote for President Trump, but he is the President and a huge part of me wants desperately for him to succeed... not to break a mold or to shove it to corrupt politics but because if he does, then the people and nation will be succeeding to a certain degree too. 
Dear Mr. President Elect,

You have been elected, the majority has spoken … and now you have asked us to rally behind you, regardless of where our individual votes were cast; I genuinely agree that it’s our part of the deal, in a free democratic election, we should rally behind the victor. So Mr. Trump, I’m rallying; but please don’t forget your part of the deal. You promised us we’d never be forgotten again and that you’d lead each and every one of us. You may not personally value or place import on the things I do, but your end of the bargain revolves around listening to our voices.

To start, this is what they are saying:
I have always been upset with the idea that we could take to…

On: A Wedding Day

Don’t be fooled, you can never know what having your own wedding day would be like until it’s happening to you. I had attended quite a few weddings in my lifetime, and I let myself believe I didn’t need one.

I told myself that chair coverings and table cloth colors should never be something to focus my energy on. I let myself be fine with not spending so much money on one day, and I allowed myself think that a wedding was a vain, tradition I could live without—I was wrong, I was -oh so very wrong.
I never was the little girl who dreamt of her wedding day, I used to dream of pink skies, walking across laser beams and about what clouds tasted like. My mind was a wonderland of curiosity and I could lose myself there for hours. It never occurred to me to imagine something common, I didn't think to obsess about something that seemed rather expected of us. I am a hopeless romantic, but I’m unconventional to the core, my fantasies revolved around fabulous unknowns.
If you don’t want to hav…

#21 questions

I have answered 21 random questions I found online. The plan—answer them again in 15 years. Just to preface this little social experiment, you should know, I have spent the past 10-years earning my version of a PHD in life mistakes; I care very much about reaching my potential, whatever that may be, and learning from my mistakes. So these are my most honest answers.

What is the meaning of life?
I think everyone has to answer that question on their own. For me, the meaning of life isn’t one broad thing, it is discovering the meaning of your own life – I think we all have a unique potential and we all could leave the world with a contribution, but in order to figure this out we must wade through some gritty stuff … lessons in pain, grief, fear, heartache, courage, humility, kindness, and community; but most importantly, the journey of learning and implementing self-love. Self-love is an incredibly delicate and important process; it’s life-saving, there is an incredible peace in knowing a…


I was feeling a bit emotional and frantic the days and minutes leading up to an event we will, from here on out, call #cheesgate.
When one has too much time to think, unfortunately that thinking can -- and often does -- go sour. And after these ideas turn to worry; they birth a variety of other negatives which wouldn’t have been possible if not for the superfluous thinking to begin with.
Sometimes you hear people talking about planting those good mental seeds; think positive – they say cheerfully…. and look on the bright side. Time after time, articles, blogs, papers, quotes, and books proclaim that being positive is the way forward. I’ve read that being positive will help you have mostly positive experiences. This is probably true and we all know it.
Getting out of bed to whine about the cold floor or the bad dream, surely becomes the stubbed toe and burnt toast, traffic, spill, trip, arrrggghhhhh! Even though I believe this idea and for the most part try to live by it, sometimes I los…

On: Do-OVERS, an introduction

This is a do-over moment. I think….
I started a blog in 2014, initially just to show myself I could do it, to show myself that I could make time for it or write powerful things, and maybe a little bit to prove I wasn’t afraid to share my ideas with complete strangers. Hi!

For about two minutes, I felt bold and brave and checked off a resolution. Bond--James Bond. But as it turns out, I made all the classic mistakes. I didn’t introduce myself, I didn’t grow an audience, I didn’tspecialize what?!

I gravitate towards passion and enthusiasm, I follow my own set of specific blogs.... but I just wish there was also space for talking and typing and pondering without diversifying without choosing a very specific niche. I value authenticity and I don’t want to hide behind an internet image  that can only protects me from reality and pain. I  actually want to expose myself and talk about my realities and pain. I want to start dialog and smash boundaries and do it with like-minded-stranger-fr…