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On: Motherhood

Recently, I signed up for this intensive training course, one of those cram as much learning as humanly possible into the shortest span of time kind of deals, obviously designed for the intrinsically motivated – this course is called motherhood … and as of August 19th  …roughly 5-months ago, I’ll be a student here for the rest of my natural life.
24-hours of labor -- (labour) -- some pretty aggressive threats to both a student nurse and my husband, a spinal tap, and some forceps later -- I had a baby girl in my arms. I couldn’t understand the intensity of emotions swirling around my exhausted, inexperienced head.  In that moment, I clung to disbelief, then awe set in and anything I do remember from that first night is a little blurry. Disbelief was where it started, but then I began collecting every curious and consuming feeling since that first moment together. I have tucked them all away into a lock box in my heart. I am forever bound to you from 6lbs 13oz to whatever did and does h…