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On: the 5%

If you read anything in 2017, let it be the blog post, The Tail End by: Tim Urban. (I’ll include the link at the bottom.) If afterwards you don’t feel sentimental (or all-out sob hysterically -- like I did) ... well then, consider yourself an anomaly. 

Furthermore, the most remarkable thing I have watched in the name of entertainment or education so far in 2017 is this TED talk, Do Schools Kill Creativity by: Sir Ken Robinson (link also at bottom). Because of my own chosen career path, I have many friends who work in the performing arts and if any of you are reading this post (which I have shared on Facebook and Instagram)… please know that the assessments supported in both of these works will make your heart sing and your optimism float! They are both so valuable and confirming in a world that moves faster than ever before. READ THE BLOG, WATCH THE LINK, you’ll thank me later.

“ I can’t tell you how wonderful it was, we walked in this room and it was full of people like me, people who couldn’t sit still, people who had to move to think” – Gillian Lynne

Otherwise, If you have stumbled upon this and are reading it, consider that it will only take you a few minutes to consume both of the highly valuable perspectives I have recommended … please copy the links and save them in a notes page on your iPhone, or on your favorites bar; also give yourself the gift of 15 minutes (minimum) daily. Let yourself have a tiny chunk of time to indulge, do something for you — social media doesn’t count. I truly believe, our minds will be trapped and dull if we only allow them to do things and think thoughts based on what needs to get done – bills, kids, work, loans… stress. I promise you won’t forget to pay the bills ... if you also forget to to dedicate 20-minutes a week to worrying about it. Log the need in that incredible memory of yours and spend the 20 minutes pampering yourself.

Me personally, like a feminist is dedicated to those ideals, I was always dedicated to being authentic and I was always proud of being unconventional. I ran away from home to see the world, to learn about my fears and find my triumphs. I left the nest and those people I love. Now more than ever, I realize that I traded in something very valuable for something I knew I needed. I needed to wander to truly be free, and to nurture my natural abilities and to have faith in the things I felt so sure of. Because there are things - for everyone - from a time before the world or fear strips them away. 

I am imaginative and creative and I think those things will draw me to wholeness, wellness and security--as they always have. I knew being stuck in convention would have kept that truth hidden from me. I can't imagine living my whole life in the proverbial dark. I don't exactly know how I knew, but letting your emotions have space is remarkable. Truthfully: I only found the words for that sentiment recently.Nonetheless,I am grateful that I felt my urges and that I let myself take them seriously. I am grateful for parents who refused to medicate me and who let me be unique, thoughtful and distracted. I am grateful for a family who let sleeping dogs lie and rolling stones roll. I love you and I will make our 5% count. I will make whatever percentage count!

Final thoughts: listen to your urges, let yourself be successful in your true nature with your natural abilities and “make sure your priorities are set by you—not by unconscious inertia.”  — Tim Urban

If you need a push, see the links below:

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