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On:Meeting a good man!

"What a man... what damn good man." How can I write this and not sound as bias as I know I am? He changed my life, and I will never be the same.

Knowing someone is good, and good for you doesn't have to mean you they are so for any romantic reason.

Allow me to be 'oooey' and 'gooey' and apologetically partial because sometimes people deserve that. Good people, especially them, they deserve to hear that they are good. And good is contagious; happy is contagious and we can spread those things around too. He did that.

I'm sitting here in gate B8 next to a woman who seems to be a bit too cautious of germs; taking a wet-wipe from her bag she cleans the rim of her wine glass and rotates it two revolutions to check it's safe -- w e l l, 'safer'. I can't help but think about all the things we call afflictions; the fears and little bites of control that we keep floating around our beautiful, breakable lives. Those tormented and diseased, hopeless parts that taught us, grew us ...and then we can't be the same afterwards. YES it is possible that we can be better, and maybe even able to bleed daylight, but never ever the same.

I am here to confess that sometimes you'll never be the same but not because of the adversity but because of the love!!! How gorgeous is that? And then all the other stuff that we hope someday someone will adore or at least find enduring is just small stuff that matters to only us ...on a bad day.

I'll take it.
Back to him, he's got the biggest heart. Just bleeding to share. It bleeds to live and laugh and include. Sometimes he gets lost in his popularity and forgets about you, but just as many times as he has forgotten, you can double that .... and you'll have the number of times he reminds you that he needs you, misses you, is there for you. 
He's a rockstar and a badass and he does things for his own reasons and not for any damn thing thicker than that. I haven't met someone who judges less than he promotes in a great while. How can you just be so debonair? He's polished and pressed, aware, alive, and GOD he's cool!  He has vices and faults and somehow you can't really see that. He is suave, assured, and coasting well above his own adversity; funny and historically self-deprecating. If it's bad it's worth laughing at, and if it's good in any way, shape, or form, then it's worth sharing with everyone; worth sharing with anyone willing to suck on their tiny little portion. He'll save you a piece, don't worry. He makes you admire those he admires because if he spends his time there, then there must be something to see, to learn to love! 

You carried me ... and my bags .... more than 5 times a piece. You gave me joy, laughter and sarcasm. You taught me stuff - yep - stuff. You showed me that I could trust and more importantly that I could trust as fast and as meaty as I wanted to.
I am built to love and see the good and give everything and you are my kind of people. I know I am not alone in the world just to have intersected with you. You gave me beer and caramel and brownies and then did the workout with me too. You gave me a boost and 50 reasons to be confident. You shared everything with me; the best of those things was you. You changed me and got me and accepted me. You made my world glow. Your my Whitney! It's a mess, and we're ok with that!

I LOVE YOU NEILL SHELTON! For one more day than always! 


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