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Photo book #1

Photos for a coffee table book (wink!!)
I think a photo can talk, here are some of my faves, enjoy!
In Northern Israel I bought a can of Coca Cola.  Must be nice to have earned ICON status. 
Title: Branded and Beautiful
This picture was taken in France, in a pair of ratty, old cowboy boots I stood in my window frame at noon, I wasn't expecting to get this image, I loved it. To me this picture reminds me of a time in life; an entire segment of spontaneous exploration I had youth and imagination on my side.
                                                                                                                                   Title: Spot Lit

Some friends and I took this shot in Cozumel Mexico, with it came a few inside jokes and an epiphany, too much sun ages even Barbie
                                                                                                         Title: Timeless Beauty

I love this picture, it's a metaphor worth a thousand words... because without context one may not see that this is a picture of a bird taking flight from a windowsill. It could look like a painting. This moment in time has given context to freedom and flight.
                                                                                                                     Title: Flight
At times, my unconventional world as a theatrical performer feels no larger and important than the label it is given. I made this image in effort not to take myself too seriously 
                                                                                      Title: "Foolish Little Circus Freak"



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