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On: Do-OVERS, an introduction

This is a do-over moment. I think….

I started a blog in 2014, initially just to show myself I could do it, to show myself that I could make time for it or write powerful things, and maybe a little bit to prove I wasn’t afraid to share my ideas with complete strangers. Hi!

For about two minutes, I felt bold and brave and checked off a resolution. Bond--James Bond. But as it turns out, I made all the classic mistakes. I didn’t introduce myself, I didn’t grow an audience, I didn’t  specialize what?! 

I gravitate towards passion and enthusiasm, I follow my own set of specific blogs.... but I just wish there was also space for talking and typing and pondering without diversifying without choosing a very specific niche.  I value authenticity and I don’t want to hide behind an internet image  that can only protects me from reality and pain. I  actually want to expose myself and talk about my realities and pain.
I want to start dialog and smash boundaries and do it with like-minded-stranger-friends whom I found on the internet! So what do you say, like-minded-stranger-friend? Can I write powerful things and can we talk about a variety of topics and can it be ok to have a passion for knowledge and passion for variety?

 A few years ago I had tiny voice in my head quoting field of dreams, “if you build it they will come” …..naïve….  I built it and they didn’t come.  I wish I could go back and do it right, because I love writing. It might be my thing, it might be my niche. I think that passion and effort are far less valuable then celebrity and followers in 2016.

SO with all that said, please let me introduce myself, I’m called Annie, I live my whole life with my whole heart; from the time I was small, I knew I wanted to be a storyteller.

I love social science and brain science and art, theatre, books, food and I love people, for they make life fascinating and they make love possible.

I firmly believe that being emotional is not and should not be considered an illness; but instead a skill. Expressing emotion is an undervalued skill. Some people have numbers to comfort them and others an ear for linguistics. Being able to feel is something that literally gives birth to creativity.

We’ve made the correlation that creative people are prone to depression and then we just stopped asking questions. Maybe depression is prone to creativity. Music can make us cry because it holds the emotion of its creator.

People have evolved to hide, suppress, burry and change their feelings into a variety of things from anger to physical symptoms to illness. They say a physical symptom of emotion is tears, we don’t know why a salty liquid streams from our eyes, but it does. 

This blog is dedicated to people like me, but it's for anyone of any race, size, color or variety. Let it be a tasting space for many different ideas and opinions. I aspire to start conversations and help people with things I’ve already overcome. But it is also a space to be challenged and hopefully to grow. I want to learn from people and their challenges that I haven't had to overcome. One of my favorite quotes is:

 “everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t ”

It has been nice to meet you. Thank you so much for your time. Your time is so valuable and you used some of it to read this. Hopefully, I inspire people to tell their stories, to think, to be open and fearless... and most hopefully, I aspire to provide a space (my little bit of cyber-real-estate)  where anyone can  and everyone can support each other. we can all grow and learn from different kinds of pain and joy! xx


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