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What is Family

The I read somewhere that people are the real lotto tickets in this life, for a long time that stuck with me, and now, I too assert it to be true. People and their beautiful souls and the little bit of good they hold onto in themselves -- they are the real deal, in this lifetime. I want to meet them all and keep them safe in my pocket. I want to teach them things, and learn from them the things I haven't yet discovered. 

And then I find myself thinking about, the people we are bound to and stuck with, FAMILY -- the ones we ache to understand and love appropriately.

I think we have it all wrong though, I did. family are those people who know you, not just OF YOU... they have known you the longest and have witnessed your evolution, they've pushed it and sculpted  it at times. They have seen you before you boasted of being the kind of person a person wants to be; family has, at different times of different intentions,  lifted you up and kicked you down, they let you be or pulled you back from harm. 

Those people have loved your potential before you saw you had one. Before you committed to yourself they were committed to you. Things get said, walls constructed but there's more to it than knowing just what to say and when. Sometimes it's tricky to forgive and find grace--do it anyway. It will always be hard to view things from a perspective that isn't your own; we tend to be the center of our ideas, fear and triumph. But the people who love and challenge us are not meant to operate from inside our minds, they are not meant to know what to say or how to say it. They help us build wings and deserve a little credit when we are ready to fly.


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