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My Month in Mexico (round lll)

I am sitting at the Mexico City International Airport preparing to leave my second annual visit to Pachuca. I have been a performer at the San Francisco Feria National for 2-consecutive years.

And as I reflect on all of it, I have a whopping 16-hours to kill before actually arriving back in Arizona. Now what? I could walk home faster, at least google maps say I can.   I guess I'll just get intimate with some of my thoughts, as boring as I feel right now, maybe something will occur to me.

Bye Pachuca; we played our show in an old bull ring. The kind of place that has apparent history, you can just feel it in the air around you. All the pictures we took have those mysterious ghost orbs in them; invisible to the naked eye, but curiously hanging around. It may seem unglamorous to some people but to me... with every breath of dust I am at home, dirty, thick mountain air; a starving artist inspired to show 10,000 brand new people--whom I will never actually meet--my heart. Those old touring ice shows that I incessantly wonder about used to play in bull rings. I also think a real artist must get their hands dirty to really get it. The Beatles played sets on top of sets at dive bars in Berlin to master their sound!

Me, Diana, Jenna & Courtney

This year the people I worked with kept me going, and going. What a fantastic, dynamic cast of international, people. I am so lucky to work with such diverse, hysterical, and passionate artists! They make me better. They make me appreciate the things of my life. They make me strive and it is gorgeous.

"Living" and umm loving my Beer and Mayonnaise

City Centro... complete with topiary (wink)

And of course the glam card! feathers and lashes

..... with love from yet another airport. xx.


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