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ON: Taking a Self-Portrait #Selfiewar

social experiment...

#selfiewar faceboook album

To enter:
1. Must be a selfie or "themselfie"
2. Must be creative or follow guidelines below
3. Must have the words #selfiewar placed over the photo

Let the games begin ... let us call them #Selfiewar ® ... tag or mention me if you want to play, if the photo is accepted it will be added to an open album on social media (rules and regulation upon request). Here the links to my Twitter & Instagram ... Sharing is caring!

Background, in the past 15 minutes, I  have snapped the 6 'selfies' included below ... I hope these shots inspire you to capture a version of yourself because you will never again look the precise way you do right now and you will never again be the exact age are right this very minute.

I believe that we all have a story to tell and as a consumer of countless self-shot-pictures across social platforms, I'm much more interested in that story as opposed to a mirage. I'd rather consume a story, or an angle, or the glamour of a fleeting moment rather than a self confirming advertisement. I know some people promote and market their beauty on social media and it can be attractive in boredom, but I still prefer the art. I prefer the inspiration.

I like to think I am creative, I like to think I am an artist using my generation's tools and social pathways to explore and participate in the world as I currently know it. I like to be expressive and curious, and I've always enjoyed the idea of a self portrait. I am memorized by the self-portraits of famous photographers like Annie Leibovitz on a yearly basis. I also remember taking self-portraits on my first web cam and feeling like the person captured in the image was not me, or at least it wasn't how I thought I looked.

My final thought is: each of us is a one-of-a-kind soul at every age and every minute, so to cement and capture that, frozen in a photograph, is a beautiful thing!

Tips from the experts for capturing a better selfie:

1. try not to get the arm in there with reverse camera angles
2. try not to take the photo into a mirror and get the phone or camera in the shot unless this is an intentional part of the art form or message. ( see below )
3. have an intention
4. practice with different amounts of light and angles
5. be creative

Selfies before the trendy name:

Now go, show the world you from your own eyes.



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