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50's Glam Downtown Las Vegas (a secret mission)

The Plaza Hotel Las Vegas
A secret mission
Overall rating
Quality of Service
Condition/ maintenance  of hotel
Cleanliness of  room
Comfort of room
Surrounding neighborhood
My Answers: 4, 3, 4, 4, 5, 5,

Thoughts on my Secret Undercover Stay with this Local Hotel

I very much enjoyed the atmosphere, style and overall service at the Plaza. 50's Glam including nice updates and noticeable cache!

The food & coffee were both amazing, the room was tidy and huge plus the free Wi-Fi made my trip; REALLY -- no hassle, no password, no break in signal or any problem with the connection at all -- what a perk!! 

For a blogger or anyone who has to stay connected while on vacation, this small thing made all the difference, a must have. I was told that the hotel recently added a resort fee and the services brought to the guests due to this change were worth it, in my opinion.

Overall, The Plaza earned a recommendation from me. I Tweeted my approval from the tree tops, too My twitter

Sorry, I have to be objective and include some cons with my pros ... So the gym facility was nothing to brag about and I wished there were proper comforters on the beds, but forgiven on the overall. One other small negative was on the service front, I found most of the cocktail servers were a bit crabby/rude, maybe I didn't look like the part of a typical paying-guest, but when I am playing slots and tipping at least a dollar with each drink, I don't want attitude. I actually heard, "I just brought you a drink a minute ago,"  after asking for a beer.  My thoughts on that, many people have worked for tips at some point in their lifetime, and yes, it can be frustrating work lacking appreciation, but you never know when you're going to get a really nice tip from someone, so SMILE ON.

The overall rating **above average** The look & feel, location and the hospitality had me at hello. I'm recommending this hotel!!!

Travel savvy guys and gals, xx

Recommendation: Places to see while in downtown Las Vegas
Fremont Street Experience

Commonwealth Bar

Container Park :)


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