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Photo book #2

My collection of potential coffee table images from my personal archives, xx!
 Title: Shoes make the world go around
This image is a webcam shot, I think it was a 2 mega pixel situation. Anyway, we were given a lunch stipend and I used it on new shoes instead of food. It was 4-million degrees outside, it felt like hot blow-dryer wind, so I stayed in my hotel room with my new vibrant blue eye-shadow and new golden shoes, I entertained myself.   (Abu Dhabi, UAE)

 Title: Call of Couture
During our stay at the lovely Ritz Carleton in I took this picture of my friend through a hotel curtain,  I like that it made the picture look both hazy and sultry. The original 'filter' (Wolfsburg, Germany)

Title: Relativity 
For this picture I wanted it to seem as if I were floating on top of the water, to see only my hair weightless in the water; however, my father, the photographer didn't seem to understand my direction ... nonetheless, I still love the outcome. (Scottsdale, Arizona)
                                    Title: Her celebration

This is a picture I took and edited of my sister. She was at her bachelorette party. We had been requesting the same song all evening and finally it came on. (Chicago, Illinois)
                                                             Title: Just Her Smile 

While on tour in Europe ...France maybe, there was a fabulous dressing room fit for any star and there was a memorable painting next to the mirror, I loved it. My friends and I posed and cropped this shot as a tribute to it before leaving town.  (France)

                                                 Title: Norma Desmond, a tribute
Taken by my Polish Friend, Bart. We channeled Norma Desmond with this feather-fringed moment. (Germany)


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