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#21 questions

I have answered 21 random questions I found online. The plan—answer them again in 15 years. Just to preface this little social experiment, you should know, I have spent the past 10-years earning my version of a PHD in life mistakes; I care very much about reaching my potential, whatever that may be, and learning from my mistakes. So these are my most honest answers.

What is the meaning of life?
I think everyone has to answer that question on their own. For me, the meaning of life isn’t one broad thing, it is discovering the meaning of your own life – I think we all have a unique potential and we all could leave the world with a contribution, but in order to figure this out we must wade through some gritty stuff … lessons in pain, grief, fear, heartache, courage, humility, kindness, and community; but most importantly, the journey of learning and implementing self-love. Self-love is an incredibly delicate and important process; it’s life-saving, there is an incredible peace in knowing a…